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The Bracco is a beautiful hound, an insisting worker with an excellent capacity to smell. When running it's at its most beautiful. An elongated and quick trot with its head lifted up high and his nose proudly in the air. Can you imagine it?

The Bracco Italiano is also a good friend with a stable, docile, intelligent and good-natured character. Devoted and sensitive. It associates easily with other dogs and children. In general it's rather watchful. The Bracco Italiano needs a lot of exercise. If you don't go hunting with it (and you're not obliged to) you need to do lots of activities with it. There are a lot of obedience-courses and workcourses, which are stimulating for the relationship between dog and owner. But the Bracco is at its best when it can hunt with its owner, obedience-courses are advisable in this case. You should raise this dog consequentially though gently. He is sensible for the human voice and it will react with the slightest elevation of the voice. The Bracco can be put in the category of big dogs. The shoulder height of a he-dog varies between 58 and 67 cm and the shoulder height of the bitches varies between 55 and 64 cm.

The dog adores dry dog food and fresh meat, which it will eat a lot!! It doesn't need a lot of nursing. Clean the ears regularly and stroke the dog with a rubber massage glove during moulting time.