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Each thursday from 8pm free showtraining all breeds...

Dear Visitor,

Welcome at the website of Kennel "Van de Chanel Bedeu". It was in 1991 that Jean-Pierre was searching for a dog to work with him in the field while he was hunting. The Royal company of Sint-Hubertus put him on a trail for Bree with a man called Pianalto Peppi. An immigrated Italian who was the first to bring the Bracco Italiano to Belgium. It was Peppi who teached us for the first time how to work with Bracco Italiano's. A Bracco Italiano works completely different and it was a challange to learn to work with such a dog. His instinct for the hunt, workfever and love for children left no more room for doubt. We had to have a Bracco.

A few years later, it's 1997, we bought our first male in France with a woman called Madam Boulard. With a name as Neptune de la grève aux loups we needed to participate in shows and the first results were not far away. In Belgium he won several shows with highlights as winner of the Dutch and de Luxemburg championship. In 2002 we started the search for a suitable bitch. We found a location in Rimini, Italy and returned home with two bitches.

This was the beginning of Kennel van de Chanel Bedeu. We had our first puppies in 2004 and we hope many more Bracco Italiano's will follow.

Movie of Peppe dei Sanchi
Our pups grandfather.