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Royal Society Sint-Hubertus
Since her foundation in 1882, the Royal Society Sint-Hubertus only has one primery goal: To preserve and to improve all dograces in Belgium. This is their official website:
Fédération Cynologique Internationale
The FCI is the highest canine organ in the world. They control the international rules for dogsport and all the kennelnames.
Veteranarypractice "De Meemortel"
Website of Vetenarypractce "De Meemortel" in Budel (Holland). We go here with our dogs for x-rays.
Kennel de la maison d'Omer
Kennel of Isabelle Goedefroid from Kortrijk. One of their females was born in our kennel.
Community of Widooie
Official website of Widooie, or Bëdöj as the locals say. The website is merely known by its online dialect dictionary. The websites' address is:
Kennel Van Buxushof
Kennel Van Buxushof is a German Doguekennel from Heusden-Zolder. Besides their Dogues they also own a Bracco Italiano.
van de Mazoraxhoeve
German Dogue kennel van de Mazoraxhoeve from Sint-Truiden
Kennel Van Leodipako
Kennel Van Leodipako is a Leonberger kennel from Kortessem.
Collection off interesting links in Belgium:
See also the special page for kennels:
Hondencentrum is a combination of a extended community and the biggest informal website about dogs in Flanders and Holland