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Ilton en Fyro are making it well by their family in Schagen (Holland). Thanks to their owners Umit and Susan they are living it easy...
A picture of Ilton going for the first time to his new home in Schagen (Holland) where he will meet his big sister Fiero
A picture of Luca with the Van Campenhout family form Bilthoven, Holland.
A picture of Flo Van de Chanel Bedeu with her new owners. The family Vandermaesen. Her girlfriend in the picture is also a Van de Chanel Bedeu, namely Ella, een bitch from a litter at the end of 2004.
Greetings from the Familie Moreels with their Falca.
Fiero says hello from Holland and is realy pleased to be with his new owners Umit and Susan.